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Our home activities continue and the store remains available for drive in compliance with the recommended health rules , in accordance with the government announcement for a limitation of activities from October 29, 2020

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Based in Mougins, Fun canidé works at home in the ouest of Alpes-Maritimes 


Dogs have their own language, Fun canidé offers you concrete and simple solutions to strengthen the bond with your animal. In respect for the animal who must always be at the heart of dog education.



Are you having difficulty with your dog? whether of an educational, behavioral or complicity nature. the balance sheet helps you take stock and choose the right path to resolution


Offer your pooch an intense moment of games and socialization. Ideal to find a happy and tired dog at the end of the day


Because each dog needs a challenge, or games depending on its power, its age or its perseverance, we bring you through the shop our specialized advice to target the toy, the treat or the tool adapted to your dog


Because you have to know each order before you can execute it in a fun environment, individual lessons are the necessary tool to guide your partner to success and complicity.

Do you have to go away without being able to take your companion with you? We take care of it for you.

Come and discover fun activities with your dog! Aquatic hikes, dog dance, first aid and much more...


Good socialization is the essential tool  towards tolerance  and respect for fellow human beings , but not just any way or with anyone. Come learn with your puppy the language  canine and the right attitudes to adopt


Your dog masters basic commands, even  ride ? Come and work the supreme difficulty  : maintain complicity and listening  in an extreme situation  distraction


Does your puppy know basic commands at home and in the park, but is it still hard to get his attention? Puppy school is the perfect tool to work on your bond despite crazy friends

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